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Stay Well

Stay Well aims to increase school preventive health screening rates and reduce absences due to chronic illnesses, such as asthma and diabetes. Together with our partners, we ensure students receive all the required health screenings and physicals, and provide additional wellness education based on the specific needs of the school community.

In collaboration with our Stay Well partners, we focus on preventive care, regular health screenings, and management of chronic conditions.

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

The Independence Blue Cross Foundation is proud to partner with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia® (CHOP) — the first U.S. pediatric hospital, the largest pediatric network, and the top-ranked children's hospital in the world — to provide the Stay Well component of Healthy Futures. CHOP provides select schools with an on-site health care team including a registered nurse and nurse practitioner, leveraging the hospital's leadership in nursing. The health care team ensures that students receive all required health screenings and physicals, and offers health promotion services based on the needs of the school community.

InnerLink (Health eTools)

Health eTools for Schools logo

InnerLink, Inc. builds and delivers health and wellness software that specializes in using real-time data and modern technology to help schools and communities make good decisions that improve the health of students, families, and communities. InnerLink provides Healthy Futures schools with Health eTools for Schools® — an online health record system that enables:

  • Physical education professionals to record and monitor student health and fitness assessments
  • School staff to store and record wellness policy updates
  • Nurses to capture student health data in an electronic record
  • Parents, school staff, and communities to support an overall culture of wellness

Schools use this program to focus on:

  • Creating a collaborative school-based health promotion program
  • Improving the rates of completed student preventive health screenings
  • Reducing school absences due to chronic illness
  • Developing wellness initiatives based on current data

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