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Emergency Department Warm Handoff Programs

In response to a Pennsylvania mandate to help ensure overdose survivors receive immediate referrals to addiction treatment, all 67 counties in PA are working to facilitate these referrals right in the emergency room, an approach called emergency room-based warm-handoff. Below, is a map of each county’s progress to-date.

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, the Bucks-County Connect-Assess-Refer-Engage-Support (B-CARES) Program is a county-wide collaborative partnership and care-coordination model that enables emergency room physicians to connect an overdose survivor with a certified recovery specialist who can match an individual with treatment options at a point when s/he is likely most receptive. To determine the effectiveness of the B-CARES Program and to bolster warm-handoff programs in surrounding counties, the Independence Blue Cross Foundation is funding research that will result in recommendations for best practices and a replicable, scalable model for the region and nation.

Warm Handoff Programs