Opioid addiction has reached epidemic proportions in our region and across the country. It’s a crisis that affects each one of us. Whether you’re experiencing addiction, on the path to recovery, or supporting a loved one’s journey, Someone You Know is inspiring hope and recovery.


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Independence Blue Cross Foundation Hosts National Opioid Crisis Conference

On October 16, 2018, The IBC Foundation hosted Someone You Know: Facing the Opioid Crisis Together — a conference aimed at sharing strategies that promote improving the health of individuals and communities affected by the opioid epidemic. The event brought together prominent public health leaders to explore education, intervention, treatment, and the stigma associated with substance use disorder and other barriers to recovery.

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As part of the Foundation’s efforts to address the opioid crisis, we’re working with local government agencies, schools, community-based organizations, and health care providers to humanize addiction and remove stigma as a barrier to treating Opiate Use Disorder (OUD). Through these collaborations, we are sharing impactful stories about those affected by OUD and are convening meetings for community members to join us in the campaign to remove the stigma of addiction, raise awareness, share their experiences, and find resources for help.

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