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Whether we are working with neighborhood organizations to support healthier lifestyles, strengthening the delivery of health care, bolstering the health care workforce, or convening nationally respected thought leaders to share ideas and strategies, the success of the Independence Blue Cross Foundation rests on the strength of our partnerships. We are proud of the Foundation's remarkable accomplishments, and most of all we take pride in the robust relationships we've built throughout our community based on trust, sharing knowledge, and a joint sense of mission.

We are Leading Solutions for a Healthier Community through the expansion of several of our bold initiatives. Consider the Independence Blue Cross Foundation Healthy Futures Initiative, now bringing a unique combination of fitness, nutrition, and preventive health to 25 elementary schools in all five counties of southeastern Pennsylvania. Or look more closely at Nurses for Tomorrow, which is bolstering the health care workforce through education, career development, and research. As these programs have expanded, so too has our Foundation footprint, and together with our partners we are making a positive impact on the health and wellness of our neighbors.

Since our launch in October 2011, we have had an incredibly productive and collaborative experience, and we have many to thank for our success: our colleagues, our grantees, and the leaders in health who have committed their knowledge and passion to improve the health and wellness of our neighborhoods and beyond. As we continue to lead, our positive impact in the community continues to grow. We are grateful to those who are a part of Independence Blue Cross Foundation's partners with purpose.

Yours in good health,

Lorina Marshall-Blake

Lorina Marshall-Blake
IBC Foundation

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